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Field Studies that Ignite Curiosity in Teens

Education is not confined to the four walls of a classroom. At least, not at Quadrat Academy. We believe in the power of experiential learning through field studies, experiences outside the classroom that sometimes leave the deepest impressions. These experiences spark curiosity, foster leadership, and deepen our students' connection to the world around them.

Our commitment to global education is evident through our international trips to Costa Rica and Colombia. These journeys are more than sightseeing; they immerse our students in rich cultures, diverse ecosystems, and real-world issues. From engaging with local Montessori schools to replanting mangroves, these trips become pivotal moments of personal growth and global awareness.

Closer to home, our students embark on local expeditions that enrich the hands-on projects taking place within the classroom. Visits to Smithsonian museums and monuments in DC introduce them to history and science in ways that textbooks cannot. Participating in the Montessori Model UN hones their diplomacy and negotiation skills, preparing them for a future as global citizens.

Our students' entrepreneurial journey often begins right here in Philly. Trips to the Drexel Food Lab, the Dorrance H. Hamilton Center for Culinary Enterprises and the Innovations and Entrepreneurial Lab at Harrisburg University expose our students to cutting-edge ideas and technologies. Exploring local galleries, museums, and international grocery stores fosters cultural appreciation and culinary curiosity. The result? Student-led startups in the food industry, fueled by their experiences in the classroom kitchen, restaurant trips, and beyond. From trying new recipes to sourcing unique ingredients, these ventures showcase the impact of practical learning. Each school year brings new partners, new labs and new experiences that enrich their learning experience, empowering each student to think boldly and creatively.

Our Montessori field studies transcend conventional education, becoming catalysts for personal and entrepreneurial growth. These experiences cultivate leadership, expand horizons, and provide a canvas for our students to paint their own stories of success. By bridging theory with real-world encounters, we ensure that education is not just absorbed, but lived and cherished.

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