Still-life photography is the practice of creating photographs using inanimate objects. It's a fun way for students to study the major aspects of photography like lighting, backgrounds, subject, and composition, while retaining full control over each aspect.

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During this camp, we’ll dive into still-life photography to create a collage of Flat-Lay Still-Life photographs by using the alphabet as our guide. Each day, campers will spend some time learning photography techniques, applying what they've learned, editing photos in real-time with Josh and critiquing each other's work.


The objective: campers will go on scavenger hunts to find objects that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Once they find their objects, they'll be taught how to create and discover interesting backgrounds, textures, and colors to visually compliment their objects. They'll then learn how to light their photographs using natural and artificial lighting techniques to really bring their images to life.


After each photograph is composed and edited, campers with then be prompted to add personal interpretations to each object in the form of a quote. This will take their projects from fun and awesome, to incredibly inspirational and motivational.


As stated before, campers will learn the major aspects of creating images like composition, lighting, background, and subject, but in a fun and engaging way. Their final project will be a checkered-board collage of their images, with their chosen quotes attached to each one.

This camp is open from beginners to more experienced photographers.    



Any smartphone camera (iPhone, Android, etc), or

Point-and-shoot camera / DSLR camera

A good internet connection and web cam


Ages: 9-16

Dates: June 22-26

Hours: 10-12pm

Location: Zoom Meeting

Cost: $240/week

Camp Lead: Josh Thornton

Registration Closed