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Welcome! We look forward to meeting you and hearing your story. 

1. Schedule your school tour. Meet our team, tell us about your child and learn about our school. 

2. Submit an application.
Complete school application
 ($100 application fee).

3. Schedule a shadow day.  Students will be asked to join an individual or a group activity with our students and guides in order to evaluate their strengths in critical thinking, creativity, communications and other key competencies. Feedback will be shared with parents and students.  

4. Await the school’s admissions decision.
Admission to Quadrat Academy is determined after careful consideration of the appropriate placement of each student.  We offer rolling admissions, most children begin with the new semester.  Criteria for acceptance are based on the student’s age, readiness and the parents’ commitment to our philosophy.  

Families of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply, as we strive to build an inclusive community of families from all over the world.

Request Tuition.

Our financial aid policy.

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