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Academics at Quadrat Academy


Our guided self-study approach builds on the fundamentals introduced by Dr. Montessori, including mixed age classrooms that promote peer learning, uninterrupted blocks of work time, and guided work activities. Building on the initial principles, we leverage innovative learning formats, including online tools and libraries, robotics, startups and real-life experiences. Our curriculum incorporates national, state and Advanced Placement (AP) standards for college preparatory programs and individual advanced studies tailored for each student.

Our Integrated Approach

We built our curriculum on the fundamentals of the liberal arts education, combining arts, social and physical sciences, mathematics, literature, and humanities.

Students will participate in technology, entrepreneurship, creative expression and media labs, completing hands-on projects with guidance from industry experts.

Integration into the life of the school, the environment around us and our local community, with the ultimate goal of becoming a contributing member of the society.

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