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Entrepreneurship Summer Camp


Immerse yourself into the world of creativity, trial and error, and real-life experience. Do you have what it takes? Kids will have a chance to create their own mini startup, design products and services, websites, outreach campaigns and present their creation.

Registration Closed
Registration Closed

This week is all about ideation, brainstorming and defending a startup idea. Kids will gain an understanding of what entrepreneurship means, gain inspiration from top innovators and start developing their own idea for a startup.


We’ll begin with an introduction to startups and uncover each camper’s personal strengths, which we will build upon during the week. In ideation phase, each camper will brainstorm and decide on one startup idea to pursue. Through collaboration, feedback loops and guidance from successful Philly entrepreneurs, campers will end the week with a holistic pitch for their startup idea and actionable steps towards launching!


Ages: 9-16

Dates: July 10 - 14, 2023

Hours: 9 - 3pm

Location: 222 Brown St., Philadelphia, PA 19123

Cost: $550/week

Camp Lead: Jason Huber

About the Camp Lead

Jason Huber is a dad, innovator, traveler and award-winning entrepreneur who is a certified eduator with the Department of Education. He founded the Global Classroom Project and is currently also the executive director at Teens Inc., where he focuses on connecting teens to the world. As a teacher, social entrepreneur and curriculum designer, Jason has empowered hundreds of teens to take international service and immersion trips. He believes project based learning, social entrepreneurship and world travel teach kids important life lessons to use both in and out of the classroom. Through his own travels in Southeast Asia and Central America, Jason has learned an important lesson himself: step into the unknown to find extraordinary results.

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