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Experiential Education

We believe learning is an active process. The most meaningful insights and moments come from action and experience. Our students participate in engaging activities, exploring their interests along the way and developing their sense of self in the context of today's society.

I. School Life

Students participate in day-to-day life of the school, for example, running social media campaigns, organizing classrooms, preparing lunches, building products, designing innovating teaching formats, and many other school activities.


II. Start-ups

Students create individual and group startups, taking them from ideation to execution and growth. Students also have an opportunity to work with the local startups via an apprenticeship model and learn from top entrepreneurs in the area. 


III. Volunteering and Community Life

Giving back to the community is an essential part of the learning experience. Students participate in a variety of volunteer projects, learning to help others, organize and lead volunteer work and support each other. 


IV. Exploration Travel

Travel is the best way to experience new cultures, places, languages and understand different perspectives. A variety of outdoor adventure and cultural trips are organized to explore, face challenges, both physical and social, and experience new and exciting things outside of the every-day familiar environment.

In the spring, we embark upon our international service trip, where students are immersed in local communities, schools and projects. Previous countries included Costa Rica, Colombia and Guatemala.

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