Our Montessori middle school program is designed to meet the needs of children during a challenging period of tremendous personal growth and change.

Becoming an adolescent. 

Students are directed to develop a high level of independence and self-direction, collaboration and learning as a lifestyle. They are encouraged to develop their own voice and be comfortable with their strengths and challenges. Students are becoming more comfortable with the adult learning techniques of reading, discussion, and execution.

Bridging the sensitivities: personal dignity and belonging.

The positive sense of belonging is nurtured through experiential activities and reflection circles run by the students. To become accustomed to the outside world, our students contribute to an increasing number of community projects and are exposed to professional events outside of the school.  Each person is expected to contribute his best efforts to group and individual projects. 

Students drive their own learning journey.

While students are observed and evaluated by guides, industry professionals, and peers, the primary focus is not on grades rather on personal growth and sense of accomplishment.  The mixed-age environment supports each student in applying himself in a unique way to a group experience. Longer blocks of study time for subject areas allow enough time for each student to follow personal threads of interest without interruption.

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