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Our Montessori middle school program is designed to meet the needs of children during a challenging period of tremendous personal growth and change.

Becoming an adolescent. 

Students are directed to develop a high level of independence and self-direction, collaboration and learning as a lifestyle. They are encouraged to develop their own voice and be comfortable with their strengths and challenges. Students are becoming more comfortable with the adult learning techniques of reading, discussion, and execution.

Bridging the sensitivities: personal dignity and belonging.

The positive sense of belonging is nurtured through experiential activities and reflection circles run by the students. To become accustomed to the outside world, our students contribute to an increasing number of community projects and are exposed to professional events outside of the school.  Each person is expected to contribute his best efforts to group and individual projects. 

Students drive their own learning journey.

While students are observed and evaluated by guides, industry professionals, and peers, the primary focus is not on grades rather on personal growth and sense of accomplishment.  The mixed-age environment supports each student in applying himself in a unique way to a group experience. Longer blocks of study time for subject areas allow enough time for each student to follow personal threads of interest without interruption.

Middle school students

No longer children but not yet adults, Maria Montessori recognized adolescence as a time of rapid growth, not unlike the very first years of life. Designed for students ages 11 to 14, the Middle School program at Quadrat Academy provides the ideal setting for students to expand their knowledge and embark on adult-like responsibilities, resulting in a solid, unique foundation for young adulthood.


Built upon the foundation of the elementary program, students in the Middle School program are self-directed and independent. At the same time, they’ve learned the value of teamwork, collaboration, and respect. 

Integrated Project-Based Curriculum

Classroom subjects are explored in an integrated manner, where students grapple with real-world issues while honing their skills in math, economics, science, humanities, language and writing. The manipulative materials of the elementary are rarely used, as these students are now able to work, understand and visualize ideas in the abstract. The focus is upon the development of a successful process and innovative approach, rather than rewarding an expected answer. 

Socratic Seminars

Middle School students are sensitive to issues of social justice and personal dignity. Critical thinking and public speaking skills are learned through socratic seminars as students grapple with real world issues. Through this process an appreciation of multiple perspectives on a given topic develops. 


Students develop and run their own real business, marketing and selling products that they manufacture themselves. Supporting lessons are given on the scientific, historical, economic, practical and organizational aspects of their products. Student work includes bookkeeping, budgeting and purchasing, design, advertising, surveys, research, the writing of proposals, interviews of experts, and documentation. 

Creative and Physical Expression

Students pursue the skills that will enable them to express their understanding of the world through art and music. Activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, tennis, running, hiking bicycling, and other group games help develop agility and strength, as well as a sense of fun and confidence in the meeting of physical challenges. 


Beyond intellectual development, the Middle School program guides students to become active citizens and fully informed problem solvers within the Philadelphia community and beyond. 

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