Svetlana is an entrepreneur, an educator, an actress and a visionary with a passion for education.  Svetlana has 15+ years of experience in business strategy. She has extensive experience working with children internationally. She established a leading Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt, built orphanage programs and taught and designed training programs for children ages 5-16. Svetlana has a 10+ year tenure as a professional actress, choreographer and director. She taught acting technique to youth and staged productions.  Svetlana holds an MBA from George Washington University and an Acting Degree from the Stanislavsky Theater Studio. 


Svetlana Tikhonov. Founder.


Jason Huber. Director of Education. Lead Guide for Humanities, Entrepreneurship & Head of Partnerships

Jason is a dad, husband, innovator, traveler and award-winning entrepreneur. He founded the Global Classroom Project and is currently also the executive director at Teens Inc., where he focuses on connecting teens to the world. As a teacher, social entrepreneur and curriculum designer, Jason has empowered hundreds of teens to take international service and immersion trips. He believes project based learning, social entrepreneurship and world travel teach kids important life lessons to use both in and out of the classroom. Through his own travels in Southeast Asia and Central America, Jason has learned an important lesson himself: step into the unknown to find extraordinary results.


Lhianna Bodiford.

Lead Guide for Mathematics.

Lhianna is the mother of three children ages 17, 11 and 3 and has a degree in Civil Engineering and extensive training in running Math Circles. More importantly she truly loves math. After taking a break from math to try to study physics, then to actually study engineering and later flamenco dancing, and later start a family... Lhianna realized that she missed playing with math and actively studying it. In recent years, she has run a few Math Circles and offered many of what she calls “Math Fun Days” and “Math Salons”. Lhianna is full of ideas for exciting, unusual and interesting math groups and loves sharing her excitement with students who would like to find the joy in mathematics!


Josh Thornton. Head of Social Media, Film and Photography.

Josh is a Philadelphia native, a photographer, content creator, a graphic designer and the founder of “A Photography Thing” - a venture that combines his love for teaching and inspiring people, with his love of art and design. Josh’s creative background started in graphic design. Josh is also an athlete. In 2011 he was named one of Philadelphia's top personal trainers by Philadelphia Magazine. Today, Josh spends much of his time creating and teaching photography, and building innovative social media formats. His mission is to inspire kids to think for themselves and to follow their dreams.

Alice Tarantin. Creative Associate.

Alice is an international marketer, artist and yogi who loves volunteering and working with children. She seeks to integrate her artwork with data driven marketing to create transparent and memorable campaigns. With academic experience in economics, marketing and design, she supports Quadrat's digital and visual presence from her current home base in Berlin. Alice is working towards her yoga teacher certification and is particularly passionate about mindfulness practices for adults and kids alike.