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Innovation & Creative Labs

Students will have access to a variety of resources at our labs, where they will be tasked with projects relating to engineering, technology, design and more. Through hands-on projects, students develop a STEAM skill set—experiential science, technology, engineering, art and applied mathematics.

A Closer Look...


I. Technology Lab

Students leverage their knowledge of science, robotics, technology, and applied mathematics to create prototypes, conduct experiments and build products. Each lab project will provide students an opportunity to learn about the social implications of sustainability.  

II. Entrepreneurship Lab

We create individual and group startups, taking them from ideation to execution and growth. Students also have an opportunity to work with the local startups via an apprenticeship model and learn from top entrepreneurs  in the area.  

III. Creative Expression Lab

Ranging from work in maker-spaces – woodwork, metalwork, textiles, 3D design, to the arts in different media, e.g. painting, murals, music, theater, and other ways, students build their creative voice. 

IV. Photography, Film and Media Lab

Students will explore different genres of photography, e.g.  photojournalism, abstract photography, and portfolio work. Creation of documentaries and learning all about new media, its benefits and how to leverage it productively.

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