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Sponsor a student and change their life

We are seeking tuition sponsorship for students who deserve a better future but do not have the money to pay for school. Each donor sponsors a specific student and follows their development and growth throughout their time at Quadrat. This is an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in a child's life, an opportunity that gives them the chance to develop a different mindset, to innovate and become entrepreneurs. For them, this is truly a chance of a lifetime. Quadrat already provides a significant amount of financial aid, and we are looking for additional support to cover the remaining cost for the families in need.

What does it take?

Full Program Gift

A monthly gift of $1,250 or an annual gift of $15,000 sponsors a full-time program for one student for a year. This monthly gift is a 12-month commitment to ensure completion of a full academic year.

Part-Time Program Gift

A monthly gift of $800 or an annual gift of $9,600 sponsors a part-time program for one student for a year. Part-time programs include 3-day/week or academic or lab portion of the program.  These programs help students that are currently homeschooled due to lack of resources and poor quality of local public education.   

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