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Experiential Education

I’m living proof of the failure of the education system. I always had trouble and disciplinary issues with traditional education. The curriculum was not fun enough. It was boring to me. I always liked to learn, but the schools I was in did not give me options to progress. Then I went to an alternative school where you could learn by yourself at your own pace. Because there are restrictions to physical facilities, once we went to a climbing wall. Since then, I’ve become a climber. For the next 10 years, I became a lover of life, a healthy physical life. That experience led me to become a leader in experiential education in many countries in South America. I saw with my own eyes how experienti

Dear Kitty

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”—Anne Frank Anne Frank attended what is now called 6e Montessorischool Anne Frank from 1934 through 1941, when she was obligated by occupying forces to attend the Jewish Lyceum. According to the Anne Frank House website, her father said, “Anne was a demanding character. She continually asked questions . . . It was good that Anne went to a Montessori school, where each pupil gets a lot of individual attention." Those who knew Anne recalled her as a popular, bright, attention-hungry know-it-all. Her own mother liked to say, "God knows everything, but Anne knows everything better." In the Montessori


An education that empowers us to systematically examine the world and to navigate it meaningfully is a vital tool for all. Like an artist incorporating found objects in a new work or a scientist using quadrats to measure components of an ecosystem, we all take samples of our environments to integrate into our unique perception of the whole. The more widely we sample, the deeper our understanding. When we travel to a new environment we not only sample more of the world, we can look back at our place of origin from our new perspective to make before unknown connections that lead us to deeper truths. Quadrats are like windows that can be used to sample anything—plant succession, animal abundanc