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Experiential Education

I’m living proof of the failure of the education system. I always had trouble and disciplinary issues with traditional education. The curriculum was not fun enough. It was boring to me. I always liked to learn, but the schools I was in did not give me options to progress.

Then I went to an alternative school where you could learn by yourself at your own pace. Because there are restrictions to physical facilities, once we went to a climbing wall. Since then, I’ve become a climber. For the next 10 years, I became a lover of life, a healthy physical life.

That experience led me to become a leader in experiential education in many countries in South America. I saw with my own eyes how experiential education can change people’s lives.

There is an immense need for education to serve children who do not fit in the traditional system. And for those who do, it can unlock their potential, help them discover passion.

Any experience can be a medium for learning. Physical movement and working outdoors helps you learn about yourself and the world.

You learn what you are taught. In traditional education you cannot access many ways of learning that are life changing. To truly learn, you must go far beyond the traditional classrooms.

Marcelo is an artist, athlete and educator with over 10 years of experience in experiential education.



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