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Passion is the only prerequisite.

We can transform the entire approach to education if we make passion a prerequisite for teaching and learning. As a former actress, director and choreographer, I spent many years between two different worlds, observing the often-comical dry business environment full of rules and etiquette, called “corporate culture” and the free, feeling and vibrant “theater culture,” where every day was a new day. Guess what?! I do not remember most of my business presentations to CEOs, however, I do recall every play and every character I created to the degree of excruciating detail. We develop actors by inspiring them, instilling emotional connection and demonstrating the meaning behind every word. When a

My first Montessori student

He was two years old. His shirt and pants were inside out and backward, and his shoes were on the wrong feet. His mother told me that dressing himself was part of his education. He was the first Montessori student I met, and I didn’t know then that I would become enchanted with Montessori students and the method. Today, I am a Montessori guide. I arrived in Puerto Rico over a decade ago. Two of the first people I met were guides. I did not know that I was two weeks pregnant and would soon need to make important decisions about my son, like putting him on a waiting list for the school where my new acquaintances worked. For several months before my son could enter the school, we enrolled him i