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The School I Wish I Went To

In many ways, my drive to succeed in life has come from my education and my will to get to where I am today. At a young age, I always wondered if the way our schooling system is set up works for every student. Mostly, I wondered how you could accept the way your school is teaching you if you are just not interested? I used to ask myself, what do I have to do to create something, to have the same impact a congressman, for example, or a public health expert? Then I found the world of creating tools and design softwares online. And it hit me: I can pave my own path to learning how I want to. If there had been more progressive principles at my school, so I wasn’t stuck in a curriculum all about

A Perfect Place to Learn

An education lasts a lifetime. But not everything you learn will be used for the rest of your life. Quadrat Academy aims to give children a meaningful, individualized education that they will find useful for the rest of their lives. An often-undervalued part of that process is the location. Philadelphia is a diverse city rich in culture and art, a perfect spot to embark on an educational journey. Where to even start? Philadelphia is packed with American history around every corner, whether it be the Liberty Bell, the Betsy Ross House, or the African American Museum. These glimpses into our history are priceless moments that aren’t available in every city and certainly not to the extent that

The Advantages of Progressive Education

There are a number of reasons why students and parents choose progressive schools over traditional schools. In order to better understand the advantages that progressive schools offer, let’s first take a look at the traditional model. Most of us were educated within the traditional school system. Our teachers expected us to look to them as experts, keepers of knowledge. They provided us with information, usually with the aid of a textbook, and we were required to understand or otherwise absorb that information (through rote memorization, for example). Our teachers made us take tests and quizzes periodically to see how well we were absorbing the information. The grades they gave us were inten