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The School I Wish I Went To

In many ways, my drive to succeed in life has come from my education and my will to get to where I am today. At a young age, I always wondered if the way our schooling system is set up works for every student. Mostly, I wondered how you could accept the way your school is teaching you if you are just not interested?

I used to ask myself, what do I have to do to create something, to have the same impact a congressman, for example, or a public health expert? Then I found the world of creating tools and design softwares online. And it hit me: I can pave my own path to learning how I want to. If there had been more progressive principles at my school, so I wasn’t stuck in a curriculum all about core subjects (which were boring and tough for me to learn), then maybe I could have been able to focus better and learn more efficiently.

I believe you learn best by doing, taking action and sometimes by not reading a textbook. For me, access to a more progressive education system would have been huge. The path I ended up taking to build a personal brand or image came from me taking initiative and creating on the fly.

Imagine being a teenager in an environment where you can bridge the gap of learning about topics you’re passionate about and actively working on projects of your choice. Picture a school where you work with your peers to create impactful content, learning from your mistakes along the way and growing as a student and a person.

That is the school I wish I went to.

Dylan is an entrepreneur, musician and creator with a passion for communication & business development.



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