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A Perfect Place to Learn

An education lasts a lifetime. But not everything you learn will be used for the rest of your life. Quadrat Academy aims to give children a meaningful, individualized education that they will find useful for the rest of their lives. An often-undervalued part of that process is the location. Philadelphia is a diverse city rich in culture and art, a perfect spot to embark on an educational journey.

Where to even start? Philadelphia is packed with American history around every corner, whether it be the Liberty Bell, the Betsy Ross House, or the African American Museum. These glimpses into our history are priceless moments that aren’t available in every city and certainly not to the extent that they are in Philadelphia. This city is also home to several museums, ranging from antique medicine at the Mutter to the renowned Museum of Art, as well as our famous, decorative street murals. Rather than being assigned to research a painter online, students can venture out into the city and see the artwork in person. Encouraging a child to go outside and learn through experience is much more worthwhile than sitting them in front of a computer with a research topic.

Philly is famous for more than its history and culture- the food deserves a spotlight of its own. The wide selection of restaurants and markets that set up shop in Philadelphia are an opportunity for students to go outside their comfort zone in terms of cuisine. Rather than the bland burgers and milk on a lunch tray, students can try foods they’ve never been exposed to before, harboring new tastes for the rest of their lives. The culture of a city is heavily reflected in the food people eat there, and Philly is no stranger to unique and authentic flavors, both in in culture and cuisine.

And despite its large size, there is still a visible community aspect within the city. After a big celebration, for example the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Super Bowl, the city comes alive. Seeing an entire city unified for one reason is a rare occurrence in this day and age. As a student, seeing people from all walks of life holding hands, singing, and dancing together can be extremely profound. It can be the motivation one needs to want to make a change and actively participate in the city they live in.

Philadelphia is a melting pot of art, culture, food, and friends. Some people are turned off by the city, saying it’s a “wannabe New York”. Well, I say New York is just Philadelphia done wrong. You get what you put into your community, and we are fortunate to be in a city full of people, businesses and schools that do put in a lot to improve their community. Philadelphia is an incredible city to educate your children in. Simply put, where else could you get an experience like this?

Nadeem is a student at Temple University



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