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Student Spotlight with Farren

Meet Farren, an entrepreneur and Quadrat student who began her own business, Food for Thought. In the past year, she's launched a YouTube channel, website, Instagram page and recently, her own podcast. She's made vegan cooking videos on empanadas, kombucha, mi goreng and other international dishes. Inspired by the dialogue on sustainable eating, Farren also plans to sell her food in the future.

Or listen on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Radio Public or Breaker.


Rachel: What inspired you to start a sustainable Youtube channel?

Farren: I'm very interested in climate change and hope to work on combatting that problem, and I like to cook, so it seemed like a kind of natural connection of the two.


Rachel: What would you say to someone who was considering enrolling in Quadrat?

Farren: Keep an open mind for the first couple of weeks because it might be a kind of big transition, there isn't a lot of hand holding, you kind of have to adjust by yourself to the mix of structure...try and not panic about it too much, just realize that it's fine, it's all gonna be good, you just have to adjust.

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