Montessori vs. Mainstream An Educational Comparison


Built around developing students naturally. Keeping the student's own interests in mind, they are given the tools to learn at the pace they choose. Using a variety of materials and methods students are able to teach themselves. Children grow with the ability to figure things out on their own to lead to not only independence, but confidence and creativity. The basis of the education system is that cognition & physical exploration are linked. Students & Teachers work in collaboration to achieve goals and lessons. Individual development offers rewards of confidence, motivation and more. Consistent dependable work cycles. Classes of multiple ages. Learning pace & Work load coordinated to the social development of the child.


Follows the National curriculum. All students work in the same time span and learn from the same set curriculum and teaching methods. Teachers are the only form of learning for students. Students learning is limited by subjects and only material that is available. Children sit at desks and learn from a whiteboard, textbooks, and worksheets. Timed class is led only by teacher. Student motivation is built on a system of punishments and rewards. Periodic lessons, blocks of time prescheduled. One age group per class. No emphasis on social development through learning and working.

Information from a pdf file from AMI USA. Find and read more at -

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