Quadrat Education Services

We are innovating and rethinking Education.

Quadrat is a startup that is driven to transform the obsolete education model of today by leading innovations in progressive curriculum design and new learning formats. We are building a global network of secondary Montessori schools. Our first prototype school, Quadrat Academy, successfully opened this year in Philadelphia. 

We develop the entrepreneurs and innovators of tomorrow! 

Our education model builds on advanced Montessori method, experiential education, entrepreneurship and applied knowledge.  


How Quadrat schools are different.

We individualize programs, focus on critical thinking, rigorous academic programs, travel, industry experts as guides, environmental studies, innovations labs and much more!


We are looking for investors, partners and sponsors who are progressive thinkers, thought leaders and innovators.  If you are passionate about education, concerned about the future of our children and driven to make a difference, let's talk. Reach out to me at svetlana@quadratacademy.com