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Are you looking to augment your student’s schooling this year?

We offer a variety of flexible ways for students to engage at our innovative and outdoor classrooms. Whether it’s online learners who need to get out (Experiential Fridays!), teens seeking creative challenges (tech and media labs) or homeschoolers who want to connect with peers, we welcome middle and high schoolers to join us on our experiential learning adventures



On a rotating basis, aligning with our Quests, we offer 42 labs in the fields of entrepreneurship, tech, wellness, media and the arts. There is something for everyone- for aspiring chefs or programmers; urban architects or musicians; podcast hosts or entrepreneurs; science nerds or fashion designers; the list goes on.




Each Friday we journey beyond the classroom to apply what we've learned in our community. Whether it's entrepreneurship centers in Philly, food banks, local parks and museums, or the farm at our partner school, MANJ, students gain a deeper understanding of their role as global, responsible citizens in the modern world.

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We integrate Montessori principles of self-paced, experiential learning with relevant topics such as entrepreneurship, statistics, engineering and foreign languages, among others. Students should be prepared to be challenged, work both alone and with others and think creatively!

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