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Are you looking to augment your student’s schooling this year?

We offer a variety of flexible ways for students to engage at our outdoor and virtual classrooms. Whether it’s online learners who need to get out (Experiential Fridays!), teens seeking creative challenges (tech and media labs) or homeschoolers who want to connect with peers, we welcome middle and high schoolers to join us on our experiential learning adventures



Tuesdays, 11-12:30

Introduction to programming and game design. Students will learn problem solving skills in Python and create a foundation of a 2D video game.

Thursdays, 1:30-3

Media lab: Limitations create Inspirations. Students will explore portrait photography, video and music production to create unique projects.




Each Friday- equipped with masks and hand sanitizer- we journey outside, most often to the farm at our partner school, MANJ, but also to parks, rivers/streams or other nature areas. We take care of animals, identify plants, garden, learn about survival training, mountain bike, hike, assess water quality and much more.

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We integrate Montessori principles of self-paced, experiential learning with relevant topics such as entrepreneurship, statistics and foreign languages, among others. Students should be prepared to be challenged, work both alone and with others and think creatively!

MONDAY - in person

TUESDAY - online

  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Science

  • Language, Reading & Writing

  • World Languages- Spanish & Russian
  • Game Design Lab

  • Geometry & Analytics or Statistical Analysis

WEDNESDAY - in person

THURSDAY - online

  • World Languages- Spanish & Russian
  • Science

  • Geometry & Analytics or Statistical Analysis

  • Humanities 
  • Entrepreneurship or Socratic Seminars

  • Media Lab

FRIDAY - in person

  • Experiential Outdoor Learning

Student Safety.

In our outdoor classroom, each student has his or her own working desk. We have pavilions for sun and rain protection and a mandatory mask policy. For some hands-on projects, our students work in learning pods of 3-5; we currently have between 10-12 students at a time. Our indoor space- for winter- is thoroughly disinfected, equipped with an air purifier and large enough for students to keep physical distance.


Pricing is per course on a monthly basis.


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