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At Quadrat Academy, we prepare youngsters to go anywhere. Anywhere their interests, dreams and passions take them. 

Our Principles

  • Individualize Development: Each child has his or her unique abilities which inform their speed of learning. We do not believe in “one hat fits all” education approach. Our job is to identify and accelerate individual strengths and use them as motivators.

  • Think not memorize… It is impossible in today’s society to know every required skill, every coding language or anticipate future vocational needs that one will face. The only true way to prepare our children for the future is the ability to think, formulate questions and learn independently.

  • Learn By Doing: Hands on experience is far more powerful than any worksheet..  

  • Love What You Do: Children are creative and uninhibited by nature, our job is to allow them to innovate, feel success, and develop a passion for everything they do. True passion has no limits. 

"Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”

- Maria Montessori

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Middle School Program (Ages 8-14 years)

We Provide for Your Child


Our Team is Committed to Learning and Growth

Our goal is to develop future entrepreneurs, critical thinkers and innovators that are ready for a life long journey of exponential growth.

Our students embrace the learning process as a personal lifestyle. They are in charge of creating their own future. Quadrat allows students to explore, make mistakes and maximize their potential in a safe and supporting environment.  

Core Curriculum

We built our curriculum on the fundamentals of the liberal arts education, combining arts, social and physical sciences, mathematics, literature, and humanities.

Innovation Labs

Students will participate in technology, entrepreneurship, creative expression and media labs, completing hands-on projects with guidance from industry experts.

Experiential Education

Integration into the life of the school, the environment around us and our local community, with the ultimate goal of becoming a contributing member of the society.  

Seeing is Believing

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  • Learn more about Montessori and its benefits for your child

  • Meet our teachers and staff

  • Observe a classroom in action


222 Brown St., Philadelphia, PA 19123 | | Tel.267.997.7744  

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