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for ages 9 - 18
(267) 997- 7744

222 Brown St. Philadelphia


Our after-school workshops will be available starting next fall to all middle and high school students. Led by our educators, these workshops offer students a closer look at subjects they're passionate about.

Registration starting Fall 2020

Drumming Workshop Open for 2019-2020 School Year

Quadrat Academy student Thomas Combs has been playing various forms of percussion for over 4 years. He firmly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn an instrument no matter what age.

This workshop is offered as private lessons. To schedule a time, please email with the subject line "Drumming Workshop".

simon photo final -min.jpg



Workshops run on a monthly basis.

   1 hour sessions // $25

1.5 hour sessions // $35

Please note: Workshops will begin once we have the minimum number of registrants. You will not be charged until one week prior to the starting date.

Registration starting 2020.
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