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Introduction to


Guide: Catherine Shefski | Mondays  5-6:30

What should I expect?


Our Introduction to Screenwriting will give you the tools to turn your story idea into a screenplay. ​

Who is this course for?


This course is for anyone who has ever watched a movie and thought “I could write that.”  It’s also for aspiring filmmakers who want to have a completed screenplay to use as a guide for producers, crew and actors. And finally, it’s for anyone who loves movies and wants the inside scoop on what goes into writing an Oscar-worthy screenplay. ​

What will be covered? 


This course will cover screenwriting topics  including:

  • What is Story Structure and how do we apply that to a 90 minute screenplay?

  • How do you create memorable characters?

  • How do you write dialogue that pops?

  • How do you format a screenplay according to industry standards?

  • What happens after you finish your screenplay?


By the end of this course, you’ll have a working outline for your script, as well as at least 20 pages of formatted script. The suggested length of this workshop is 12 weeks, during which we'll build on each previous session to create a final project.


About Catherine

Screenwriter Catherine Shefski is a classical pianist. With degrees from New England Conservatory and the Guildhall School of Music in London, she has immersed herself in the musical world as a performer and teacher. As a screenwriter, she is a two-time finalist in the Set in Philadelphia Screenwriting Contest, and her screenplay “Playing With Beethoven” is currently in post production and due for release this fall. The film not only celebrates Beethoven, but also gives the filmmakers the chance to introduce classical music to a younger generation in a fresh and innovative way.

Catherine Bio
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