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SAT Prep

Guide: Francesco J. Costantino | Wednesday 4:30-5:30

What should I expect?

SAT Prep will give you the most important content of the SAT. Learn practical test-taking skills while practicing set skills based on individual strengths and weaknesses designed to optimize student performance.


Who is this course for?

Whether you have never taken the SAT or have taken it more than once, SAT Prep is welcome to all academic levels interested in improving their SAT scores.


What will be covered?


Algebra and Techniques. Practice algebraic manipulation and basic high school-level algebra.


English. Review how English questions are structured, finding grammar mistakes, subject/verb agreement, parallelisms, verb forms, pronouns and run-ons and fragments.  


Essay. Write a clear and cohesive SAT essay by analyzing the passage, creating outlines and structuring your essay accordingly.


Geometry. Understand plane geometry, lines, triangles, circles, parallelograms and basic trigonometry functions.


Graphs and Functions. Understand how the SAT tests functions and graphs in the x/y coordinate plane. Practice slope-intercept form of lines, how to calculate slope of a line, parabolas and quadratic functions and how functions work.

Practice Tests and Pacing. Taking practice exams to monitor pace as well as taking a look at which sections require more individual attention.


Reading. Understand the structure and most common and uncommon question types found in the reading sections as well as techniques for dealing with difficult or “boring” passages and identifying common types of trick answers.

Story Problems. Practice ratios, averages, percentages, probability and rate and using common sense to answer story problems.

Test Taking Strategies. Students will learn strategies that will help them prepare for test day, identify "bogus" choices, and use answer choices to solve problems.

Vocabulary. Students will be provided with high frequency vocabulary terms that they will likely encounter on the SAT and learn the definition of each word, identify context clues to determine the meaning of these words, and practice using them in a sentence.

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About Francesco

FJ is a strong believer that people are products of their environments and the experiences they have been through. This philosophy attracted him to Quadrat Academy and its unique approach to educating middle and high school students. An active individual, FJ enjoys all forms of exercise, traveling to new places, and meeting new people. Currently employed by Camelot Education as an SAT Prep teacher in Philadelphia, he is also pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree from Villanova University with a concentration in nonprofit management, where he will graduate in May 2020. FJ earned a degree from Wilkes University where he studied political science and was a 4-year member of the schools’ football team.

FJ Bio
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