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Chess Game


During this weeklong chess experience, campers will meet virtually for one hour a day to practice and advance their chess skills. This is an ideal opportunity for players of all levels!

Registration Closed

This camp is divided into three groups which will meet online every day for an hour of chess instructions and fun! Players can be moved to a next level group when they master the skills of the current level.


1-2pm: Beginners “Pawns”

No experience with chess required. Campers will learn names and moves of all chess pieces, the rules of chess, and will be able to play with each other and with an instructor.


2-3pm: Intermediate “Bishops” 

Previous experience playing chess required. Campers will learn how to utilize chess notation, how to solve puzzles, learn basic checkmates, and incorporate tactics.

3-4pm: Advanced “Rooks”

Previous experience playing a chess game, and knowledge of tactics and strategies required. Campers will learn a variety of chess openings, end games, solve more complex chess puzzles and learn advanced tactics.


Required Equipment:

  • Computer with internet connection



Age Groups: 9-16

Date: July 13-17

Hours: 1-4pm

Cost: $120/week

Format: Zoom 

Registration Closed


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