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Led by artist and co-founder of Quadrat, Marcelo Bedoya, this camp is perfect for creative kids who want to explore drawing and painting more broadly. With self-chosen subject matter, campers will be challenged to make captivating and expressive pieces.

Registration Closed

This camp is designed for young artists to engage with their surroundings to produce drawings, paintings and more. Projects may include pen and pencil drawings and acrylic painting of subjects such as still lifes and portraits. Campers will also experiment with abstractness, textures, shading, values/light, mixing colors, composition and figure drawings. During the week, we will also visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art for inspiration. Our goal is to encourage artists to find and strengthen their own style of drawing, painting and creating via various projects, critiques, and on the last day, by creating an exhibition of their works in our school space. 



  • Sketchbook

  • Pencil & eraser

  • All other supplies will be provided



  • Sketching outdoors and indoors

  • Exploring shading, textures, values

  • Drawing, painting 

  • Critiques with fellow campers

  • Mounting finished pieces


Registration for this camp has closed. Please see our other summer camps below or explore our after school art workshops.


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